Part I Inquiry Announcement

Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd. now conducts public inquiry and procurement for the audit services of financial statements in 2021 and 2022. Eligible units are welcome to sign up.

I. Company Profile
Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd. (“Sihanoukville Company”) is mainly engaged in the investment, construction, and operation of the 2×350MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project in Sihanoukville, Cambodia (“Sihanoukville Project”). The Sihanoukville Project is located on the seaside of Sihanoukville, about 15 km northeast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, facing Kampong Som Bay, Sihanoukville in the north. Sihanoukville is located on the southern coast of Cambodia, bordering Kampot Province in the east and Koh Kong Province in the north, with a highway mileage of about 205 km from Phnom Penh.

II. Inquiry Contents
According to Ministerial Decree No. 563 issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Cambodia) in July 2020, enterprises with annual revenue exceeding USD 1 million and annual total assets exceeding USD 750,000 must prepare financial statements in accordance with accounting standards of Cambodia, and the annual financial statements must be audited by a certified public accountant in Cambodia. In accordance with the requirements of the above decree, Sihanoukville Company intends to purchase audit services for financial statements in 2021 and 2022 in Cambodia.

III. Qualification Requirements
1. The Supplier must be an enterprise legal person registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia and present copies of the business license, tax registration certificate, and legal person ID. Its business scope covers financial audits, and it has independent auditor qualifications that meet the requirements of Cambodian government departments.
2. Consortium tenders of any kind will not be accepted.
3. Legal persons, other organizations, or individuals with an interest relationship with the Purchaser that may affect the fairness of procurement shall not participate in the tender. Different units under the control of the same person or with controlling and management relationships shall not participate in the quotation for the same section or the quotation for the same procurement project without sections.

IV. Application and Evaluation
1. The lowest evaluated quotation method shall be adopted for this inquiry, and the quotation documents not meeting the evaluation requirements will not be evaluated.
2. After reviewing the quotation documents of each tenderer as required, the Inquirer will select the tenderer with the following conditions as the successful tenderer.
(1) Pass the qualification examination;
(2) The quotation documents substantially respond to the requirements of the inquiry documents;
3. The Inquirer does not guarantee that the tenderer with the lowest quotation will be selected, nor is it obliged to make any explanation and statement to the unsuccessful tenderer.

V. Media and Time for Issuing Inquiry Announcement
1. Media: Jian Hua Daily
2. Date: from 12/29, 2022 to 12/31, 2022

VI. Inquiry Arrangement
1. Distribution of procurement documents: Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, please make contact with the procurement contact during the announcement for this inquiry document, and receive the procurement documents by email. Contact email: [email protected]. Any questions during the procurement can also be sent to this email address; otherwise, no reply will be given. The title of the email must be “Tender Questions for the Section of Audit Services of Financial Statements in 2021 and 2022 (** Company or Individual)”.
2. Deadline for receiving the response documents: 01/02/2022 11:00 (Cambodia time).
3. Receiving method: The scanned PDF version of the signed and sealed response documents and the editable electronic version of the quotation documents shall be sent to the Inquirer’s procurement public email [email protected] (the only designated email), and will not be accepted after the deadline. Any other submission method is invalid.
Note: The final quotation documents can only be sent to [email protected]; otherwise, the quotation will not be approved. The title of the email must be “Quotation Documents for the Section of Audit Services of Financial Statements in 2021 and 2022 of Sihanoukville Company (** Company or Individual)”. Please do not send the final quotation documents repeatedly. Only the last version will be accepted by the Purchaser.

VII. Contact Information of the Inquirer
Inquirer: Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd.
Company’s Location in Phnom Penh: No. 93, 337 Road, Boeung Kak I, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh
Contact: Li Zhenghua
Tel.: 092-338370
Email: [email protected]
Address: Site of Sihanoukville Power Station Project, Stung Hav County, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd.
12/29, 2022