Procurement Announcement

Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd. now conducts public procurement of Environmental Monitoring Service (2024-2025). Qualified units are welcome to sign up.
I. Company Profile
Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sihanoukville Company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary registered and established by Huadian Overseas Investment Co., Ltd. in Cambodia. The company mainly undertakes the investment, construction and operation of Cambodian Sihanoukville 2×350MW Coal-fired Power Plant Project (hereinafter referred to as “Sihanoukville Project”). The Sihanoukville Project is located on the seaside of Sihanoukville, about 15 km northeast of Sihanoukville, Cambodia, facing Kampong Som Bay, Sihanoukville in the north, and was officially put into operation in 2023.
II. Procurement Method and Content
1. Procurement Method: Public Inquiry
2. Procurement content: Submit environmental monitoring report and impact assessment report to the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia according to its requirements and assist in accepting regular inspections by the Ministry of Environment (including expenses incurred therefrom)to ensure the review and assessment by the Ministry of Environment can be passed. Four reports shall be issued every year, taking 2024 as an example: monitoring report for the first quarter of 2024, monitoring report for the second quarter of 2024, monitoring report for the third quarter of 2024 and monitoring report for the fourth quarter of 2024. See the Technical Specifications for specific requirements.
III. Qualification Requirements
1. The Supplier must be an enterprise legal person registered in the Kingdom of Cambodia and provide the business license, tax registration certificate, and legal person identification documents. (Tax registration certificate shall be valid for 2023 or 2022, otherwise it is invalid)

2. The Supplier must hold valid environmental monitoring qualifications recognized by the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia and provide a scanned copy of the certificate.
3. Any offer from a consortium is unacceptable.
4. Any legal persons, other organizations or individuals that have an interest relationship with the purchaser that may influence the fairness of the procurement shall not participate in the response. Different organizations which have the same organization leader, holding relation or management relation shall not participate in the response for the same bid section or the response for the same Procurement Project with no divided bid sections.
IV. Media and Time for Issuing Announcement
1. Media platform: Jian Hua Daily
2. Announcement time: from the date of announcement to 24:00 on November 23, 2023 (Cambodia time, the same below).
V. Acquisition of Procurement Documents
The procurement document will be uploaded to Tencent Microcloud for release. For suppliers who intend to participate in this procurement, please download the procurement document through the link: Any questions during the procurement process can be sent to the email of, and the email title must be “Bidding Questions for Bid Section of Environmental Monitoring Service (2024-2025) (** Company or Individual).
VI. Submission of Response Documents
1. Deadline for submission of response documents: until 11:00 on November 24, 2023 (Cambodia time).
2. Receiving mode: The scanned PDF version (signed and sealed as required) and editable word version of the formal response documents shall be sent to the purchaser’s procurement public mailbox only designated email address), or the paper response documents shall be sealed and delivered to the purchaser before the deadline, which will not be accepted overdue.
Note: The final response documents can only be sent to, otherwise, the quotation will not be approved, and the title of the email must be “Response Documents for Environmental Monitoring Service (2024-2025) Bid Section of Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd. (** Company or Individual)”. Please do not send the final quotation documents repeatedly. Only the last version will be accepted by the Purchaser. All response documents submitted after the deadline will be rejected.
VII. Procurement Supervision
Objection acceptance method for procurement business: Contact person: Lin Xia
Tel.: 18305929066
VIII. Contact Information
Inquirer: Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd.
Company’s Location in Phnom Penh: No.23, Road 570, Boeung Kak Lake II, Tuol Kouk, Phnom Penh
Contact: Li Zhenghua
Tel.: 092338370
Power Plant Address: Site of Sihanoukville Power Plant Project, Stung Hav County, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Huadian Sihanoukville Power Generation Co., Ltd.
November 21 , 2023